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Dr. Selene Parekh - News & Observer 2017

Selene Parekh works to bring relief to ailing feet in India

Duke Health Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Selene Parekh, was interviewed by Marti Maguire, Correspondent for The News & Observer, to discuss the Parekh Family Foundation – a foundation that provides foot and ankle care in India where the lack of medical training in this field can lead to serious disabilities.

He and a team of doctors provides care to patients and training for local physical therapists three times a year, as well as donates shoes and medical equipment.

Below is an excerpt from the article.

FEBRUARY 4, 2017 – DURHAM – Bunions, hammertoes and flat feet might not sound like life-or-death conditions. But when left untreated, as is often the case in India, they can have devastating consequences.

Dr. Selene Parekh, a foot and ankle surgeon at Duke Health, saw this problem firsthand on a visit to the country a decade ago. The untreated foot problems can rob people of their ability to walk – and work.

“You can’t provide for your family because you can’t work,” he says. “It now affects the quality of your life and the quality of your family’s life.”

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Photo Credit: Chuck Liddy | The News & Observer

Selene Parekh, M.D.

Selene Parekh, M.D. (also known as the “Fantasy Doctor”) is an orthopaedic surgeon and foremost expert on sports injuries who’s fast becoming the go-to expert for the multibillion dollar fantasy sports industry.

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