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Updates of orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Parekh's features in the media. Includes clips of his guest appearances on television and news articles for which he is consulted as the expert opinion on foot and ankle conditions.

Dr. Parekh

Adopting Technology

This will be the first attempt at starting a new way to educate patients regarding sports, and foot and ankle problems. My goal is to create a new blog on a weekly basis, ranging from orthopaedic topics, such as knee, hip, shoulder, and ankle problems, to total ankle replacements, and bunions.

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Assessing Ankle Injuries From Stretch to Tear

Ankle injuries extend from the common sprain, to the complex arthritis case that could warrant total joint replacement surgery. With respect to the basic sprain, why do we see so many of these injuries in our practices: are our ankles not strong enough, are we wearing the wrong shoes or are we simply more active than we used to be? What are the keys to a good clinical evaluation for these ankle injuries and what can you counsel your patients to anticipate following a more serious ankle injury? Dr. Selene Parekh, foot and ankle surgeon in the  Department of Orthopaedic Durgery at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine, assesses a range of ankle injuries in this conversation with host Dr. Mark Nolan Hill.

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