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Updates of orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Parekh's features in the media. Includes clips of his guest appearances on television and news articles for which he is consulted as the expert opinion on foot and ankle conditions.

NBC News: New Arthritis Treatment

Dr. Parekh Discusses New Arthritis Treatment

Dr. Selene Parekh was interviewed by NBC News Correspondent Kristen Dahlgren to discuss a new treatment for those suffering from arthritis.

This new, plug-like synthetic cartilage implant is made from material similar to a contact lens and acts as a cushion for a joint.

“This is a revolutionary type of product that is potentially a life-long solution to allow patients to maintain motion and decrease the amount of pain they are suffering from.” –Dr. Parekh

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Dr. Selene Parekh - News & Observer 2017

Selene Parekh works to bring relief to ailing feet in India

Duke Health Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Selene Parekh, was interviewed by Marti Maguire, Correspondent for The News & Observer, to discuss the Parekh Family Foundation – a foundation that provides foot and ankle care in India where the lack of medical training in this field can lead to serious disabilities.

He and a team of doctors provides care to patients and training for local physical therapists three times a year, as well as donates shoes and medical equipment.

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1st Parekh African Foot & Ankle Course on MBC

Dr. Selene Parekh was interviewed by the Mauritius Broadcasting Corp for the charity work associate with the Parekh Family Foundation. The Parekh African Foot & Ankle Course, sponsored by the Parekh Family Foundation (www.parekhfamilyfoundation.org) and the Global Rainbow Foundation (www.grftrust.org) was covered by the Mauritian Broadcasting Company on their nightly news.

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