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Chad Kagy Suffers a Femur Fracture in X Game 17

In an X game that has already seen many injuries, Chad Kagy, BMX Big Air and Vert competitor, suffered a femur fracture.  He will be out for the duration of the X Games.


The femur is the only bone in the thigh. It is the longest and largest bone of the human body, connecting the hip to the knee.  The femur can break anywhere along its course from the hip to the knee.  Depending on the location of the break, different surgical implants are used to stabilize the bone.


A lot of energy is needed to break the femur.  Most causes are related to accidents, such as motor vehicle accidents, biking accidents, falls from heights, or even gunshot wounds.


A person who breaks their femur will experience a lot of pain.  The thigh may appear shorter and fatter than the thigh of the good leg.  A lot of bleeding can occur into the thigh, leading to a tense thigh. The person will be unable to put weight on the leg.


If you suspect that you have s femur fracture, you should seek medical attention immediately. A thorough physical exam and x-rays will be needed to find out if you have an ankle fracture and the type of fracture you may have.


Treatment varies depending on the location of the femur fracture.  Typically a break in the femur is treated with a rod that is placed into the canal of the bone.

However, at times the break is close to the joint of the hip or knee.  In these occasions, the break can be stabilized with plates and screws.  Depending on the location of the break, patients may be allowed to walk on the leg immediately after surgery or within 6 – 8 weeks.


Most patients with femur fractures are able to return to their pre-injury levels.  Some pain and stiffness may remain, particularly if the break is near the hip or knee joint.  Furthermore, a lot of physical therapy is require d to regain muscle strength and range of motion.


Depending on the type of femur fracture Chad has sustained, he should be back to riding in 3-4 months.



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