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49ers Frank Gore Suffers Season Ending Hip Fracture

San Francisco 49ers running back, Frank Gore, broke his right hip during last night’s Monday night game against the Cardinals. He will be out for the rest of this season.


The hip is a ball (femoral head) and socket (acetabulum) joint.  It has a number of muscles that cross the joint and control the movement of the hip.

The neck of the femur is susceptible to breaks/fractures.  Fractures of the femoral neck can be partial breaks or complete fractures.  The break can stay in position (nondisplaced) or move (displaced).  The femoral neck fractures can occur anywhere along the neck, from the base of the head to the base of the neck.


The most common causes of hip fractures are falls, trauma, and motor vehicle accidents.  A tremendous amount of energy is required to break the femoral neck.


Athletes with hip fractures will experience sudden pain and limited motion.  They will be unable to bear weight on the involved extremity.


Surgery is usually required for these patients.  There are a variety of different implants that can be used for the surgery, from screws alone, to plates with screws, to rods, to a partial hip replacement.


If you suspect that you have a hip fracture, you should seek medical care within hours.  A good physical exam, x-rays, and perhaps a CT scan or MRI may be needed to evaluate the hip.


Regardless of hardware used, individuals require extensive physical therapy and rehabilitation.  Running activities begin around 3-5 months after surgery.


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