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I am still amazed at how wonderful the results have been!

My Left Foot— I have purposefully waited a year post surgery to share my experience with total ankle replacement performed by Dr. Selene Parekh on September 7, 2010.   Here’s my brief story:

May 14, 2009 I went outside to water some flowers in my garden.  I had just been released in April for reconstructive toe surgery so I was trying to be very protective of my left foot . I carefully placed it in a trenched out area to secure it while I leaned forward on my right foot to reach for my flowers.  I lost my balance and fell over my left foot remaining in the trenched area. All I could hear was pop-pop-pop-pop.  I tried to stand and realized my foot was not attached– I had broken my ankle completely (4 breaks) and the only thing holding it together was my skin. I crawled to my porch in tears and thus began 1 year of constant pain.

My local orthopaedic surgeon  performed surgery and inserted the necessary pins and plates in my ankle. Arthritis, however, immediately set in the joint and the pain became unbearable.  I could not walk and my ankle and leg were severely swollen.  I continued through the summer to receive steroid injections in hopes to ease the pain.  The pain only increased.  I discussed ankle fusion with my doctor, but I really did not want the have that done.  Then he recommended (because of his experience with total ankle replacement) Dr. Selene Parekh.

I made the appointment and was very encouraged with Dr. Parekh’s confidence.  His professional manner and knowledge encouraged me and gave me hope. Dr. Parekh and his staff took every precaution to educate  me regarding this procedure. I went into surgery with hopes held high!

I chose to wait a year to write my testimonial.  I needed to get mileage on this ankle and prove to myself it was really real! All pain in this joint disappeared!  My left foot is just as mobile and my right.  I am able to walk and exercise and work in my garden as much as I like with no pain!  I am still amazed at how wonderful the results have been!  I tell someone almost daily how wonderful and life changing this has been!  I totally, 100% recommend ankle replacement.

Thank you Dr. Parekh!  May you and your staff continue to make as much  difference in the lives of others as you have in mine!

God Bless-

Emma Jeannette Harrell
High Point, NC

Selene Parekh, M.D.

Selene Parekh, M.D. (also known as the “Fantasy Doctor”) is an orthopaedic surgeon and foremost expert on sports injuries who’s fast becoming the go-to expert for the multibillion dollar fantasy sports industry.

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